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Urban Scuba

Plunge into the fantastical imagination of the innovative Artistic Director Brian Sanders for a raucous ride through the machinations of found objects turned spectacle. ‘Renowned for its thrilling moves’ and unique fusion of aerial choreography and props, Sanders and his troupe JUNK present their latest spectacle, Urban Scuba.

Five superbly toned performers arresting in the strength and grace of their movement literally dive head first into a life-sized dumpster filled with seemingly random debris and, piece by piece, build a world of wonder out of found objects. A broken ladder becomes a gravity defying machine. A shower curtain and garage door springs become a magic carpet ride. Trash cans come alive as the performers animate a world of unusual objects turned fantasia of acrobatics, athleticism, dance and theater ‘wipe away any preconceived notion the audience has...’ Urban Scuba is JUNK unparalleled and you’ll never look at objects the same way again.

"Accessible, fun and funny, 'JUNK' has all the making of a pop-culture hit." - Philadelphia Daily News

Photo Credits: Steve Belkowitz