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American Standard
Escape the crush of urban living and be transported to a more bucolic way of life; American Standard sets JUNK’s evocative style to the twangs of bluegrass, the sweet smell of rotting hay and flesh atop a shaggy Hereford. 

Premiered as part of the Philadelpha Fringe Festival to critical and audience praise alike:

"As always with this incomparable troupe, they will leave you amused, exhilarated, stimulated, and entertained like no one else does, and with an understanding that natural variety is the true “AMERICAN STANDARD.”" Debra Miller, Phindie

"The combination of dance, theater and acrobatics.. It is a wonder to watch what the human body is capable of!" Audience Member, Philadelphia Fringe 

JUNK is taking American Standard On the Road! For more info or to help out: CLICK HERE.

2015 Tour Schedule:

July 2015: Come Together Dance Festival, Philadlephia PA

August 2015: Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Lee MA

September 2016: Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philadelpehia PA

October 2015: McDonnell Farm, Pipersville PA

November 2015: Grier School, Tyrone, PA

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Featured Image Credit: Steve Belkowitz

Gallery Image: Ted Lieverman and Bicking Photography